Policy & economics

The world’s economies are increasingly realising that a more active and diverse approach is needed to address climate change and that doing so through the low carbon agenda can bring new opportunities for both the public and private sectors. Green growth, green jobs and green stimulus packages are becoming more common as policy makers look to turn climate change and environmental threats into sustainable advantage. 

Our economists and specialists work with governments, businesses, policy makers and multilateral organisations to:

  • Help organisations - public sector and private - become ‘climate smart’. That means taking full advantage of cost saving opportunities and making sure that business models are resilient to change – climate change, economic change or regulatory change.
  • Manage their low carbon and climate change goals by analysing their carbon/environmental footprint as well as undertaking valuations and due diligence.
  • Meet compliance obligations through solid energy reporting, transfer pricing for financing structures and assuring carbon-related data.
  • Understand and quantify the environmental and social benefits and costs of your organisation’s current operations and practices.
  • Perform robust and transparent economic modelling to develop and implement sustainable green growth strategies that consider social and environmental impacts.
  • Interpret the impact on your proposed or ongoing low carbon business opportunities of ongoing policy announcements.

Case studies

Managing environmental issues and risks

Argentina: Energy, utilities & mining

A large Argentinean energy company wanted to identify key environmental issues and risks for each of its business units. Learn more

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Greenhouse gas and water reduction

Australia: Energy, utilities & mining

A leading global resources company in Australia recently decided that all its facilities that exceeded specified water consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission thresholds would have to develop cost curves for reductions. Learn more

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